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    We have a limited number of complete sets of original hard copies available for $250.

    Individual issues are available for $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

    Please inquire for availability.


    A collection of guns share with passion

    Casull #1

    Dan Paul

    Dick Casull

    Factory Tour

    Handgun Hunters

    Hunters Special

    Larry Kelly

    Lynton M

    Mini Guns

    Owners Edition

    Ruger 22-454

    Shiloh Sharps

    US Marshalls

    Wyoming Centennial

    Wyoming Outfitters

    Our work

    A collection of guns share with passion



    It all started with a conversation with Wayne Baker at the 1994 SHOT Show.  I brought up the idea of a collectors group for the Freedom Arms guns of which he is the owner of the company.  We talked about it for a while and then he said, "Why don't you start the group of collectors?......"

    I thought about it for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge and it was a deep one indeed.

    We started a Quarterly publication titled  "The Five Shot Journal" a total of twenty-eight issues were published.

    This effort did a pretty good job of recording the history of Freedom Arms and the firearms that have been produced by the factory in Freedom , Wyoming. Thanks to the efforts of some of our greatest writers like John Taffin and others such as Freedom Arms President,  Bob Baker, writers  Dick Williams and Dr. George Dvorchak, we were able to keep enthusiasts informed about the latest offerings from Star Valley.  These people volunteered their time and expertise to help The Freedom Arms Collectors Association exist and to these men we salute you!

    Doing a publication like the Five Shot Journal is a very hard thing to accomplish.  It becomes more expensive to print and mail than membership dues allow for. Keeping up with membership renewals and mailings becomes an overwhelming burden. Getting contributors to give their time and knowledge is very hard to do.  In other words it becomes a no win situation.  To those people who became members of the Association we are indebted to you. We hope the special FACA Edition guns that you bought we become more valuable in the future.  We also hope that we will be able to continue special offerings in the future. We hope we can honor all original club member Founding serial numbers. 

    All of this came to an abrupt end because of lack of renewals and lack of resources...

    But then the WEB came along and became more sophisticated and now we have a chance for FACA to rise from the ashes and be reborn!  Anyone who wants to contribute through threads can now be involved in our Community.  You will be able to download any of the back issues of the Five Shot  Journal. Or for those who prefer you can purchase original hard copies for your library.



    P.O. BOX 160233

    Miami, FL 33116


    Tel: 305.801.6806

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